ChinaNudge, the sponsor of LakeForestBusinessForum, offers SaaS support, including the following services and products:

  • Comprehensive domain, page, links and keyword web analytics for your website, and those of your competitors;
  • Website optimization; link/keyword strategies; keyword campaigns;
  • Website and server disaster management;
  • Anti-spam API;
  • SmartCity solutions;
  • Voice Assistant development;
  • Website hosting on non-US servers for overseas audiences;
  • Background inspection regarding any company in any country (using ChinaNudge-developed technologies);
  • Factory audits for importing goods from China;
  • Chinese language SEO copywriting by expert Chinese language writers;
  • Regional Chinese technological, linguistic, marketing, accounting and/or legal support;
  • Do you need help with a service that isn’t listed above? Please tell us what you need. Our 5,000+ ChinaNudge scholars, researchers and industrial professionals from diverse scientific, engineering, and social science disciplines might be able to help.